Friday, November 12, 2010


i decided to take a few pictures of my room! i have worked super hard on it to make it cute and fun and have lots of things that i made in it! i love my room :)

my bed i made all the pillows

my earring holder i made this with a screen
earrings i made most of these earrings

my cute clock i painted it:)

my door (the top) me and malia print out all these pictures and put them up. (stay tuned.. we are ripping them off and trying something new and AWESOME)

my necklace holder i covered this with fabric

my chandelier i made this by hand........not! ha

my wall i put on the Tower and made the banner

more wall

my magazine holder bought it then added lace on it

pictures dollar section baby

by the window i made the picture and the flag

cute little bird bought it for $2

more pictures i painted the top 2

the corner i made the tree, the earring holder, the letters, and the 2 pictures

the wonderful bracelet tree yes i made this out of a real tree



  1. keen!!! your room is so cute!!! i'm super jealous! when my sis moves out i'm redoing my room should help me! yes? ok :)

  2. Thanks so much sis!! Yes yes ill help ya if ya want haha:)

  3. I am actually obsessed with those pictures you painted.