Thursday, February 3, 2011

crayfish, drivers ed, and phones

last night me and my father, stayed up until
1 am
we waited and waited, and it finally got ordered!
it will be shipped on
February 10, 2o11

in Biology we have been dissecting things here
we dissected a flower HERE
and a sea star HERE

today we dissected a crayfish
i didn't even touch it.... mostly Amy did.... and a little of Sess
it was awfully smelly though

drivers ed is a BLAST and i am honestly going to miss it when it ends tuesday
tomorrow is Ernies day, and we are all having some

this was in drivers ed... when me and Joslynn got a little bored

Nicole even got a little involved.....

there is a new blog in town, its called
The Telephone Line

i don't know who started it, but i really want to know
its some suspicious blog, that is going to have gossip? and games?
i don't know, but just some advice to who ever started it

words hurt people



  1. i love your blog keeen :) haha. um yes i do love love rolls. i saw it :). haha ummm okay well call me!! byeee ps its from nicole

  2. I am so surprised that you didn't help more with the biology projects.....I can only remember the Keena that watched Big Bird Goes To The Hospital every day of her life because she wanted to be a doctor!!