Sunday, March 13, 2011

3 day weekend happiness

the rest of friday
after posting THIS {and redecorating my blog}
we drove to the Garvin's home
so we could spend our friday night with them...
eating, watching the BYU game, and telling dumb stories!

after staying at their home until 11:30
Syd decided she would come home with me
and spend the night... YAY!


we woke up at 9 the next morning
chilled, got ready, ate
and were at the mall by 10:30

at about 12:30 we ate lunch at
we both got chicken nuggets, and Syd also got Coleslaw
{which i personally think is nasty, but she seems to love it}

after lunch, we ran into
Taylor and Colton
we chatted for a little bit, then kept shopping!
after staying at the mall until
we got our shopping done:)
it was a blast!
i bought quite a bit of things, but my favorite,
is the BEAUTIFUL wedged sandals i purchased

if you don't know, i love wedged sandals
and these ones i purchased, are VERY cute

SUPER cute, i love
here are some other VERY cute wedged sandals i love
Syd left at 5
i went home, shaved my legs
{which took me 45 minutes, literally}
got ready, and walked to Caits

we watched the BYU game, and went to do papers
after doing papers, we went back to her house
Jos picked us up
and we drove to Edgar's

we sat in Edgar's driveway for 45 minutes
watching Dallin rub Madi's back and sitting in the back seat cramed.....
me and Cait thought it was dumb,
so we ran to the church parking lot where Kylee picked us up!
in the car was also Branson and Misty

we drove to
Arctic Circle
where we enjoyed ice cream and milkshakes

Kylee's ice cream cone

this morning i woke up at
to go speak about
"The First Vision"
at the High Council Meeting in my stake
{that's what you get when your dad is the stake president!}

i spoke, and was back in bed by 6:30 and slept till 11:30
i got ready for church, and went to church
Quincey drew me pictures during sacrament meeting

this is me and her
i drew the right one, she drew the left one

she wrote this... she is good:)

here are 2 random pictures
that did not get posted, but MUST get posted
Cait drew this for me

i was pouring my Cinnamon Toast Crunch one morning,
and out comes a car! HAHA!

on Wednesday, is Marcus' birthday!
{post about his birthday will be posted this week}
he will be
9 on 3-16-11
we will be celebrating his birth today with Grandparents

this morning, as we are eating lunch, i made Marcus this out of
squirt cheese and crackers

thats all

i have an app on my phone, called the
it is a count down app where you can count down ANYTHING!

i have a lot of things i count down such as:
last day of school
the day we go back to school
and JB's 18 birthday

another thing i have counting down is days till my
72 days left babay!

we have no school tomorrow
{i'll post about monday, at a later date}


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