Tuesday, April 12, 2011

recovering from surgery

uh-huh... i QUIT the blog challenge. i was slacking behind... a little bit too much actually. not to mention that it was getting a tad bit boring to share things i don't care to talk about
i am dearly sorry that i have been slacking on my blog, i have been trying to recover more and more everyday, and i have been basically laying around all day watching lots of LOST. on the bright side of that, i have finally gotten to season5! i watched it all day Saturday and Sunday and finished season4 and watched 3 episodes of season5! i was very happy. that show is getting pretty intense for me though, there is now time travel involved there is SO much information to handle and sometimes it is hard to keep up! if you have seen LOST, you probably know what i mean.

other shows i have watched are:

Karate Kid, Toy Story 3, Tangled, Toddlers and Tiaras, Say Yes to the Dress,
Revenge of the Bridesmaids, iCarly, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody,
and basically anything else that happens to be on Netflix


we celebrated Malia and Caleb's birthday {which is actually Today, April 12} Kylie and i decorated the house with many streamers and balloons, then much family came over for dinner! then after dinner Malia and i gave each other foot massages!
{Hunter also brought me cookies on Sunday, THANKS Hunter! love you}

yesterday i actually made it out of the house for the entire day! i woke up, took a shower, ate, did some chores {including putting my overflowing laundry basket of clothing away}, and got ready. mom and i went to pick up Cait and me and her headed to the Mall theater where Joslynn met us, and we saw Soul Surfer. SO SO good! i loved it. it was so inspiring and made me so excited for the summer to come! and in case you did not know, it is based on a true story!

after the movie, we went to Ernie's to eat a sandwich, then to Sally's to look for nail polish. we did not end up buying any! we went down to River Woods to walk around and go in many shops!

we went in Victoria's Secret {which i absolutely love}, Suel {i think that is how you spell it}, and Called to Surf {i want SUMMER} after spending much time looking at adorable stuff that we all wanted, we went back to Cait's while she did her chores.

after about an hour:
my parents came to get me, and the Fam and i headed to Brick Oven
to celebrate Caleb and Malia's birthday! it was very yummy

we went home, and me and dad went to Lowes, after Lowes he dropped me off at Cait's. Joz came over, and we went to Blockbuster to get a movie. we got Valentine's Day,then went to Maverick to pick out some snacks {Sister Cosgrove's treat} we went back home,
watched the cute movie, then fell asleep

as you can tell, i was out ALL day long! i have no idea why, but i just felt fantastic! like i didn't even feel like i had gotten surgery! i still walk a little funny, just cause im hesitant of the stitches, but im doing excellent! it is such a miracle to me, since i was planning on being stuck in bed watching movies, not being able to move, for at least 2 weeks!
and 4 days later, im {basically} back to normal!

things i still struggle with:
bending over, sitting on {wood, metal, or hard} chairs,
laying on my back, sitting for LONG periods of time, and walking normal


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