Sunday, April 17, 2011

adventures of spring break

my spring break has been fantastic! i have been doing SO good. i still struggle with sitting {obviously} because my tush is so sensitive, but i can for short periods of time! i can not really remember what i did each day, but i do remember some, and i have pictures from some as well

we did a SLC day, where we spent the entire day, doing things in SLC
we left at 10:30 and got up there at about 11:30. we picked up my aunt Lauralee
since she would be spending the day with us, and she lives in SLC

our first destination was East High School! we tried coming here last year during the summer, but failed since it WAS summer so the school was all locked up. this time we went right in the middle of the school year, and right in the middle of the day! and just our LUCK, it was open!

{oh, and in case you didn't know, this is the school that HSM was filmed at.
YEP. you heard it, i walked the SAME halls and footsteps as the CAST of HSM!
it was pretty neat... i honestly loved IT!}

our next stop was my dad's place of work, which is the COB {Church Office Building}
we drove there, parked, and headed in to meet my dad. every time we go up to SLC, we always eat with my dad at the COB Cafeteria. Yes, it is a Cafeteria, but it has the BEST food! i love it. there is TONS of stuff to choose from! Mexican bar, Chinese bar, American bar,
Salad bar, Soups, Entrees, and there is even an ice cream bar! YUM!

after eating, we went up to my dad's office, while mom took Lauralee back to her home, since she had to go to work. up in my dad's office, he has an AMAZING view. he can see the temple! its pretty cool. we also went in the big conference room and watched Dispicable Me
on the large TV screen, while waiting for my mom

when my mom got back, we departed from my dad, and headed to the temple,
and to see some Church History Museums!

yesterday was the last day of spring break, i got up, worked,
came home, then headed to caits at around 4

when i came home from work, i noticed that our yard looked absolutely GORGEOUS! my mom had been doing yard work since 9 am! it just looked so pretty. freshly planted flowers, new dirt on the ground, newly mowed lawn, ahh it just looked SO good!
i just love seeing that in the spring/summer time! its beautiful....

as for the rest of the week, i mostly just chilled with my girl Cait
we watched movies, ate food, tanned, slept, went to stores,
made smoothies, babysat, cleaned, and slept over 4 times... in a row!

ahh man, gotta love spring break

well, it is back to school tomorrow, but lucky for me, i only have to go till 10
mom and dad have to go to SLC for something with my dad's work,
so i get to come home at 10 to babysit Quince.
plus i won't be able to last 6 hours in a hard metal chair.
NO, NO, not with this tush.

SO SO SO, over you ......NEW fella;)

i just want to give a quick shout out, to my friend Nicole Hales
i love you Nicole, and i would NEVER want to lose you as a friend
i miss you a lot. i hope we can hang out soon, love keen



  1. I feel so popular! I was a part of your blog. Thanks Keena for making me feel loved!

  2. who's the new fella?!!