Wednesday, April 27, 2011

stitches, friends, and {life}

life, is good. i am so happy these days, that i haven't had a bad day, in a LONG time. even when i hate those B days, and Wednesdays, Chris cheers me right up everyday, and i love it!

it has been the usual, busy busy life. school and homework, {which i have quite a bit of since there is only SO many days of school left {YAY!}} i have also been working, sewing, and chillin with friends and family. so life has been pretty busy, but it has been fantastic:)

A day. i love A days. i have no fourth, and Chris got out early for soccer, so we stayed in the halls, talked to people, and ... yeah! after school i went to Cait's with her and Jos, since Chris had a game in Westlake. after Caits i went home, ate, showered, then went to mutual. we went to the Bishop's Storehouse, which was actually a REALLY cool experience. i loved it.

when i got home, i picked out my outfit, helped my mom, then headed downstairs to go to bed. malia and i are in our room {im in the middle of Face-timing Madi} when my mom comes down, running, telling us my dad cut his hand open, and needed to go to the E.R. i went upstairs to see my dad's bleeding hand over the sink, and him kneeling down, SO close to passing out. he eventually got up, and they went to the E.R. Chris and i talked... for awhile then i went to bed.. kinda late {for me at least}

my dad's hand, ended up being all wrapped up like a club,
and will be for the next couple days!wednesday
B day. i hate B days. luckilly, here comes Chris to the rescue to cheer me up, even though, as i mentioned before, everyday is usually EXCELLENT! but i did have to take 2 CRT's today, which was... heck. the rest of the day was good... i just chilled with friends

Chris and i at lunch today
life is fantastic. i love it

that's all

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