Saturday, April 30, 2011

thursday-saturday {awesome weekend}

this past week has been good, the last time i blogged was wednesday,
so I'll give a {brief} summary of the days since then

A day. i went to school, and i usually love A days, but today, i was sick, and weak. i went to all of my classes then had lunch. at lunch my lotion exploded in my backpack, so i cleaned that out. since i don't have a 4th i was supposed to go down and work at about 12:30 - 7. but our car battery died, so my mom didn't come until 2. since i don't have a 4th, me and Chris wanted to hang out, but he DOES have a 4th. he ended up not going, and just said he would make it up later {he is so good to me. i love hanging out with that boy, he even made me not feel so sick anymore.... what a babe}

he wanted me to re-braid his "Jedi Braid" so i did....

i woke up at 5:15 and Edgar, Chris, Kevin, and Stevin came to get me at 5:50 for the Morningside at MV seminary. it was a really good morningside! i really tried to focus... but hey, THAT, is really hard to do, when you have a very attractive guy sitting right next to you... just sayin

after the Morningside, my mom picked me up for a Dr's appointment to check up on stitches. we went, and they took out my stitches! oh MY, it was SO much string! holy cow. but the Dr said it looked better and i NEVER have to go back there unless we have a problem....! did you hear that people?
I KEENA HORTON, AM HEALED! its a miracle....

the rest of the day was good, and i even finished the Biology CRT... YAY! it was an extended lunch day, so me, meg, Cait, Jos, and Emma all went to Paseana. i didn't eat but the others said it was good! after school i stayed at the school with Cait, waiting for Jos to do some math. i talked with Chris for awhile {which was good} Clint said he would give me Jos and Cait a ride so we headed to Joslynn's

la la la la la it eventually ended up that Cait and Jos went to Meg's surprise dinner at Brick Oven, and i went to Madi's with Hannah. Madi did both of our hair, and her own.

we look GOOOOOD eh?:)
we all went to Meg's surprise sweet 16 at Kids Village which was actually REALLY fun. i had a blast dancing it UP! i also had a BLAST with Chris... it was a great night:) {i ended up in predicament by the end of the night... but it is all worked out now, and i am SO glad... }

woke up, work, came home, showered, got ready, and now headed to Cait's house. i will report of my saturday night, at a later date. but as for now, im off:)

that's all


  1. Its funny how i found your blogger :) i didnt even have one or even really know about it, but i was on google looking at pictures of red toms and i clicked on an image and your page popped up :)weird huh? so i started reading your posts and i loved them :) you have honestly inspired me to make a blogger :)btw i think your so cool and funny!:D