Monday, May 2, 2011

saturday-sunday {weekend continued}

as i mentioned {HERE} i said that i would report of the rest of my weekend, so, here it goes

{the rest of} saturday
i went to Cait's, we sat around until Jos came and got us! we drove to Cafe Rio, where we met Madi. we all ordered, ate, and drove to the Cinemark University Mall Theater. as we pull in, we see Hunter and Brittany! i guess many people in Orem who either {didn't get asked to prom because they are not 16, or, just no boy asked them} we got our tickets and took our seats

the movie? DUMB, a waste of my 8$.... they were trying a bit too hard, to be funny, don't get me wrong, they put the drama in, with the break-ups and asking the dates. but, it was just cheesy and stupid {in my opinion} but me, Cait, Jos, and Madi, had a VERY enjoyable time mocking it... the WHOLE movie! haha

after the movie, we went back to Joslynn's. we wanted to do something fun, but we didn't know what. i called Chris, and him and his boys were having a "guys night" BUT, no, we wanted to PRANK them.

long story SHORT, they prank-ed us, as were were getting READY/dressed to prank them! we chased each other {not knowing} from house to house, and by the end of the night, they had set off fireworks in Joslynn's backyard, and all we did was doorbell ditch Chris' house
{we WERE going to do something if they answered the door.... but they never did}

i came home at 12, me and Chris talked for an hour.... then i went to bed! :)

fast sunday. i fasted, went to church at 12:30, came home, home teachers, changed, and helped decorate the house {and make dinner} for my aunts graduation PARTY! my aunt is graduating from LAW school! cool, huh? i'm so proud of her. so we had a very large celebration, to congratulate her!
after a lot of:: people, food, dessert, and laughing, it was a great party

towards the end of the party, Chris came over. he met some of my extended family, then we did "math" for about 2 hours. we had a very enjoyable time :)

overall? GREAT WEEKEND. one of the BEST i have EVER had.... not lying
{to read about my friday, and some of my saturday go HERE}


22 days

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  1. Thanks for the great party yesterday! It was awesome in so many ways!!!!