Wednesday, May 4, 2011

monday-wednesday {soccer, teeth, news}

after school i chilled with Madi til 2:45 when i had to go roading until 5 with Mr. Young. roading was good! i have really no idea who the girl i went with is, all i know was that her name was Sarah! he said we both did really well and i was supposed to go again today, but it got postponed until monday.

after roading, i went back to Madi's, and we walked to the park! the boys soccer practice ended, but Edgar wanted to go home, so Chris stayed with me and Madi at the park for awhile, until my dad came, picked me up, and we took them home. i went home, ate, showered, FHE, talked to Chris a little, went to bed

i DO not enjoy B days... in case you don't already know that. school was fine, after school i walked to Madi's and we waited around for awhile, then went to the LAST home MV soccer game that was against Lehi. while Varsity played i sat with Chris and the ladies that were there, then watched him while he played JV. Varsity ended up losing, but JV won! go Chris!

after the game, i went to YW. we made cupcake stands and
cupcakes for our moms, for Mother's Day! they were pretty good!

i drove to Chris' house after YW to cheer him up after a bad day that he had.
i even brought him a yummy cupcake! which he enjoyed.... very much.
he told me of some news that will NOT be shared here, but all i WILL say is:

PLEASE please please, pray for Chris and his family

i am fasting today, i still have not broken my fast,
and i have no idea how much longer i will go.
why am i fasting? because i care about Chris Turnbull

i do not have a 4th, so i went to the Ortho.

as you can see, the Ortho did NOT go over well. the Herbst goes on next week. me and Cait just finished some homework, and she headed to soccer. Madi is now on her way over, and we will now party.


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