Monday, June 13, 2011

yet again, another thing for my room

as i mentioned HERE Malia and i have been redecorating our room and putting up new frames all around. i think this was one of the last things we will do for awhile. {maybe} HERE and HERE and HERE you can see some canvas paintings that i have painted in the past. these were done {i think} about 2 years ago. i like these canvas' i have painted, but was getting sick of them. i took down those 3 canvas' and painted them yesterday on a lovely sunday afternoon.

{HERE} is where i originally painted this one with the bird on it

i put the 2 smaller ones together next to the window

and the bigger one, on the large wall next to the "jewelry tree"{HERE} {yes, this wall has already changed from the last time you saw it, HERE}

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