Sunday, June 12, 2011

a sunday night stroll

family and i went on a walk tonight, right after eating. we walked down to UVU to a stream first, then to some hills to roll down, then to a very cool pond with like, stairs in the water. while there we also played some freeze tag :) it was a lot of fun. family walks are so great! we were all laughing our heads off the entire walk, just crackin' jokes, and really enjoying each other. good golly i love my family :)

wish i could have been in this picture, but no, i am just the photographer :)

THESE are the stairs in the water {there is another view coming up} and on all this grass, is where we played some very intense freeze tag

pretty cool huh? it was a lot of fun to play on, let me tell ya

yeah, you could call me cute AND awkward...

same colors? {i know madi would want me to say this, yes, its her shirt}

on the way back, we saw some ants. we gave them some mints.


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