Saturday, June 11, 2011

a yard sale and redecorating

this morning, Malia and i went to a yard sale. not just any yard sale. but THEE yard sale. a yard sale we have had marked on our calenders for 2 weeks and cleared our schedules for.

if you have been reading this blog for awhile now, you would know that i got a blog "redecoration" done back in April. this was done by Jane Rhodes of See Jane Blog. she is AWESOME, i love her! she did it for me and ever since then, i have just loved my blog. Jane lives here in Orem, and her daughter Kiana even goes to school at Lakeridge with Malia. i have actually talked to her a couple of times, but i have never actually met anyone in the Rhodes family.

i follow Jane's blog and noticed that they will be moving to Boston {{frowns}} this made me extra sad when i read it, especially since i have not even met her yet! i keep reading and keep reading, about a week later she says she is having a HUGE yard sale! {{cheers}} YAY! this made me happy, i would finally be able to meet Jane! that leads us to today, where we woke up at 9, and drove down to the Rhodes home. Yep, you better believe i met Jane. she is the cutest!

why am i talking about this? oh yeah, i just remembered. at the yard sale i bought a couple things. 1) a gray sweater from Gap 2) a Macaroon that her daughter was selling 3) some lemonade that her daughter was selling 4) a pink/red/gray fabric frame

as much as i DID love that fabric on that frame, i did want it to match my room, so i bought the frame knowing i would want to recover it! so that is exactly what i did!
recovered it with some fabric, then added lace around the frame

it looked good, but needed some flare, so i added some buttons!

and here it is hanging on my wall

Malia and i did some MAJOR deep cleaning of our room yesterday as well, and it ended up taking us like, 6-7 hours. we decided to hang ALL of our frames above our book shelf, instead of having them just sit on top. so we printed new pictures and hung everything up!

this was an old fabric bulletin board that Malia got for Christmas forever ago, but it never matched our room, so we kept it in the closet. yesterday we pulled it out and i recovered it with some cute striped fabric from an old dress! it looks super cute i think :)

flowers from different occasions

you better BELIEVE that i printed out a picture of JB AND had it framed for my wall, uh huh, you can say your jealous
i also finally hung this little beee-utie up. my birthday present from Chris.
I LOVE IT. {he knows me too well}


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  1. I'm diggin' the JB posters! I actually hated his songs, but after watching his documentary, I kinda have a little crush on the guy! PS. your room is quite lovely :)