Tuesday, November 22, 2011

picture overload... i must show you all of them!

Keena's outfit Shirt: Old Navy, Pants: PacSun, Socks: 7Circles, Boots: Target, Earrings: F21, Scarf: PacSun - Hannah's outfit Shirt: Keena's, 7Circles , Leggings: Target, Socks: 7Circles, Boots: Keena's, Forever Young, Scarf: Keena's, Target

guys. Holly Robinson is the most amazing photographer ever! {see her site HERE} she asked Hanni and i to model for her since she was in the mood for a fashion shoot! Hanni and i got dolled up and had a wonderful time modeling for Holly! yes, Hannah's outfit is basically all mine... haha that's what best friend's are for! love her. and Holly, annnnddd Holly's awesome skills.

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  1. well Holly loves your awesome modeling skillzzzz! thanks girl, thanks.