Thursday, November 24, 2011

today, a day of thanks

hey guys! just wanted to wish you all a happy day of thanks! i love the day, just to remember that i really am grateful for so much in my life. it really puts it all in perspective when you realize how much you really have.

honestly, im not a fan of the 'traditional' Thanksgiving day food, and neither is my family. we started a tradition a couple years ago, to instead of eating the regular turkey, potatoes, stuffing and yams, all pick something we are grateful for that my mom makes, and have that instead. it makes me love Thanksgiving so much more :)

2 years ago it was Asian food, and the year before we had a family party. this year we did DOUBLE meal. for breakfast we had a cereal buffet; we all picked a favorite cereal, & had a huge breakfast of 10 cereals + orange juice + homemade french toast. holyyyyy delicious {cereal is my favorite food by the way. and salad}

i had a bowl of Waffle Crisp, Reese's Puffs, Cocoa Pebbles, and Fruity Pebbles. by the time i finished the Fruity Pebbles i was stuffed, yet still managed to squeeze in some french toast. i guess you could say im pretty good at that
last year i made a HUGE list of things i am grateful for. {HERE} this year it really isn't much different, although i added on a few things. no, you do not have to waste your time reading it, but i made it, so i thought i may as well slap it on.

things i am grateful for, in no particular order

my family, my friends, my home, my father’s good job, 7Circles, my body, food, clothing, shoes, the LDS church, temple, the scriptures, my freedom, school, hospitals, doctors and nurses, dentists, lemonade stands, changes, computers, pilots, Eternal Life, people who care about me, hot chocolate, tooth brushes, water fountains, the Bible, cell phones, iPods, fingers, my senses, printers, my grandparents, money, keys, memories, bows, cars, electricity, farms, museums, church music, learning, teachers, fruit and veggies, refrigerators, ovens, fingernail polish, windows and doors, cleaning supplies, paper, pens and pencils, animals, pets, new clothes, headbands, days off school, new opportunities, Billy Mays, microwaves, alarm clocks, the Kardashians, Disney movies, Taylor Swift, closets, mirrors, makeup, aunts and uncles, swimming pools, tables, books and movies, Email, couches and chairs, scarves, coats, remotes, bags, the Twilight Saga, keyboards, cameras, surprises, laptops, magnets, coupons, games, puzzles, binders, malls, EFY, undershirts, flip flops, Disney music, headphones, cotton balls, toilet paper, towels, rags, shower curtains, Chi's, hair dryers, headbands, holidays, the people who have fought for my freedom, the Declaration of Independence, CTR rings, the Distribution Center, ice cream, silverware, plates and bowls, history, science, sewing machines, toaster ovens, pots and pans, XBOX and WII, trucks, planes, boats, life jackets, Disneyland, toes, heat and air conditioning, my bed, blankets, the Holy Ghost, rainbows, sledding, surprises, the employees of 7Circles, road trips, tanning, when school is canceled, first kisses, X-rays, the ability to cure, medicine, people in the Army and Navy etc., shivering, a healthy body, children, grandchildren, Tums, Walt Disney, cramp medicine, IV's, calenders,, ultrasounds, weddings, wedding days, rings, animals and insects, tents, camp fires, family memories, everything in my body, speakers, shapes, math, principals, smart people, athletes, sports, grass, insects, deserts, lakes and ocean, iPhone chargers, counter tops, faucets, Kitchen Aids, Google, balloons, portable heaters, safety pins, music, iTunes, decisions, 4 wheel drive, windshield, policemen, guns, handcuffs, jail and prison, buttons, vacuums, sins, trials, Joseph Smith, the first vision, musical instruments, Young Woman's and Young Men's, engines, toilets, the Temple, churches, firefighters, water, popsicles, seasons, blogs, Pinterest, InstagramTumblr, Facebook, stores, restaurants, gravity, friction, books, feet, laws, magazines, my followers, phone books, pennies, dimes, nickles, quarters, a roof over my head, umbrellas, seat belts, crock pots, email, Microsoft, telephones, Albert Einstein, learning, car-top carriers, showers, the snow and rain, trees, swings and slides, boots, pictures, baskets and boxes, tupper ware, things that smell good, cookies, stairs, elevators and escalators, my imagination, dreams, the Pioneers, cows and horses, scrapbooks, General Conference, parents that make me go to church when i don’t want to, parties, cake, piñatas, homework, tests, bikes and scooters, stoplights, farms, gardens, lines on the street, billboards, actors and actresses, celebrities, H&M, Nordstrom, movie theaters, massages, commercials, lamps, light bulbs, flowers, dirt, tar, jewelry, famous people, the New Era, the Ensign, the Friend, all the prophets, U.S.A, maps, satellites, memories, genealogy, dishwashers, soap, lotion, perfume, newspapers, nail clippers, flour and sugar, milk and eggs, spices, recipes, sewing, repairs, sinks, washers and dryers, clothes lines, bibs, bobby pins and ponytails, sweaters, coats, snow clothes, buses, night and day, the ability to count, the alphabet, preschool, the days of the week, underwear, bra’s, banks, wallets, purses, candy, desserts, post-it notes, tin foil, metal, steal, the ability to go to the bathroom, swimming suits, rocks, lip gloss, chapstick, Personal Progress and Duty to God, Males and Females, the Earth that God created, the Atonement, seminary, pizza, donuts, cartoons, reality TV, concerts, security guards, Forever 21, Target, soda, journals, the ability to write, hair repair cream, bathtubs, warm and cold water, toys, diapers, the ability i have to bring God's children to earth, binkies, sheets, wipes, paper towels, technology, cinnamon bears, BYU, mountains, beaches, lotion, trees, garages, the food chain, the ability to LOVE someone, surgeries, vacations, traveling, different languages, carpet, cement, construction workers, bubble baths, midnight snacks, holidays, tools, the time of day, clocks and watches, curtains, police, 911, funerals, dresses, pants, shirts, time-lines, television, movies, the ability to see colors, sunshine, rockets, the moon, stars, astronaut, Walmart, road trips, Nerf guns, tissues, future opportunities, popsicles, sunshine, hot cocoa, gas stations, gasoline, drivers ed, the ability to cook, texting, crayons and markers, coloring books, otter pops, all the continents, Skype, video cameras, birthdays, exercising, running, gym's, PE, the ability to loose weight, chalk boards, white boards, projectors, over heads, snow, leaves, Deseret Book, Ryan Gosling, my dad, my mom, Malia, Caleb, Marcus, Kylie, Quincey

* * * * *

wow, such a long list, but there are so many things on this list that i never thought i was grateful for until i start listing other things. i am grateful for so much in my life. #1 though, is definitely my family, while #2 is definitely The Gospel. i am also so grateful for all of you that read this blog! i don't really know who you are {feel free to leave a comment so i actually do} but i certainly am grateful for you, heaven knows that little number on the top right wouldn't go up each and every day, without you. much love!

ps: Mia and i are going out black Friday shopping tonight at 11. we are staying out all night, and planning on also driving up to H&M for the opening sales at 5. it should be a good night!

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