Friday, November 25, 2011

thanksgiving = over. time for Christmas baby

Turtleneck: Target, Maxi: Old Navy, Flats: Thrifted, Earrings: F21, Belt: F21

shhhh, that skirt is secretly a dress... muahaha

Hanni, Malia and i went Black Friday shopping starting last night at 11:30. started off at Gap, then to PacSun, then finished off at Target, done by 3:30. Black Friday is crazy, but a tradition i absolutely LOVE! i have gone the past 3 years, and never have i been let down. the lines + waiting was insane, especially at Target, but totally worth it. this year i got some awesome new clothes! waaaa hoooo! can't wait

by the time we got home, Mia and i were not tired one bit. stayed up till 4:30 watching Raise your Voice and putting away our new clothes. yes i am tired, since i had to be up for work at 9. yes i worked all day long until 7:30. yes i work all day again tomorrow. and YES I CAN'T WAIT FOR CHRISTMAS! i am DANG excited guys. the countdown begins with the Christmas tree being decorated tonight after work. looks quite extravagant and wonderful i think. gotta love it

days until Christmas

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  1. Keena, you are a babe. I stalk your blog and I wish I had half the fashion sense that you do. Oh well. Sweats and a tee never killed anyone...yet. But someday maybe I will make you come shopping and be my fashion consultant. ok? deal. much love!