Saturday, December 10, 2011

hello there miss slacker. how are you?

let's just say it has been a busy week. i had 3 tests on Wednesday and i was just studying away and preparing for them. i don't know what i got on my Math test yet, Photo 68%, and Health Science 107%. studying pays off. {ignore the 68... not as worried about that class. shhh} this past week i have been either at school, at the dinner table, at the gym, or in my bed. busy busy busy i am.

good news! i got a new Instagram. 2200 worthless pictures i wanted deleted < starting out fresh with a new account, not putting on so many pictures. SO i started a new one. only downer is that i went from 1600 followers to 180. oh well. who cares! follow my new account: misskeena

in other news... one more week of school until Christmas break! i love this time of year, and i can't wait to have 2 weeks off to spend with family, including my cousins! this time of year is so fun and festive. i am constantly blasting the holiday tunes. including Believe by Josh Groban. love that song

last Saturday night the family and i drove up to "the Festival of Trees." we haven't been there for a couple years and it was so wonderful to go back. of COURSE my favorite tree was the Disney one. duhhhhh
we then drove 2o more minutes, up to Temple square. if you have never experienced Temple square at night, at Christmas time, you are SERIOUSLY missing out. it is gorgeous and so spiritual, i loved being up there
i vow to blog more this week... don't fret.

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  1. And I saw my Aunt LauraLee there and it was sooooo great! Just thought I would add my own two bits!