Saturday, April 28, 2012

like i said, i procrastinate

which is why this blog has been left hanging all week long! what can i say... it's been a long week. but i have plenty of pictures to share! here's the run down of my week

the fam and i visited dad in the hospital! he is doing much better but at this point, but back on Sunday, he could barely stand up! we visited him a couple times while he was in there for about 3 days. it was quite the small hospital room for us all to fit in, but he sure enjoyed our company. he also enjoyed {NOT} the view he got from a man who walked past with his hospital gown... that was not.... all the way tied. the view of an old mans backside... {ew} gotta love hospitals.

Malia and i both chose to wear polka dots. we're pretty cute

ahhhhh the little hole in the wall! i tried to fit in..... fail

work work work! working at 7Circles of course. and i thought i would let ya'll know... we have some new jeans in! {Sevens, Rock n' Republics, and True Religions} these pants all have the original tag on them, and they range from $200-$400 dollars. guess what we sell them for? $75. you heard me! and they are WAY cute, im serious. {we even have tons without the white stitching on the side, since i am not exactly a fan of that} i am definitely picking up a pair of my own!

my day off. love those days. i tanned on my trampoline {since it was EIGHTY FIVE degrees} and then hit up the gym. cause that's what i do best. i also had mutual and later a math partayyyy with Joz and Kaylee.

more work! later Joz and Branson came over so we could figure out who to ask to MORP. Branson came up with the ways to ask while Joz and i decided WHO to ask. i had a list of about 10 seniors i wanted to ask, and basically i was super determined to ask a senior. {seriously, all i wanted} and that is because it's the last chance! they graduate....

long story short, ALL TEN SENIORS on my list had already been asked. seriously? Prom was 4 days ago!! so i gave up on that whole 'im definitely asking a senior' idea. so anyways, i asked Taylor Camp :) brought in an Orem boy! our group is going to be pretty random, since we'll have MV, Orem, and Provo boys all mixed in. i am guessing that will be the fun of it though!

MEGGIE'S 17th BIRTHDAY! Kaylee, Joslynn, Hannah and i kidnapped her at 6am to take her to breakfast at Einstens! she as super surprised since her mom changed the clocks, so she was all ready for school! it was still dark, we were all exhausted, but we had SO much fun :)

we also went to lunch that day, and i got meg a cute little ring + cookie. i hope your birthday was amazing meg! i love you so much best friend!!!! :)
a. very. long. day. a VERY... long day to say the least. Morningside at 6:30 {2 mornings of waking up early? KILL ME} so i was very exhausted all day. after school i took a bath so i could relax for a little then decided to go to the gym. after the gym i took a shower {at 8:00 on a Friday night? random i know} then Joslynn, Hannah and i went to a dollar movie. it as called Chronicle. anyone seen in? well i have never felt so overwhelmed in a movie in my entire life.

today? more movies. Joz and i love movies. Meg is joining us too and we are headed to the dollar theater for 2 movies in a row. a Thousand Words and This Means War. first one starts at 12:20 and i can't WAIT!

post coming soon: PROM

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