Sunday, April 22, 2012

sunday memory!

graduating the 6th grade! leaving elementary school. that's my 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Kenley

this was a day i will always remember! this ceremony was a huge event, and i even played a piano solo! Ms. C and i as besties even back then. we're so little it's crazy.... and seriously, check out my teeth. gawwwwgeous

Cait and i received the Hope of America award {which, i am still not too sure as to what that is, but it's an award :)} along with Punu (right) and Kaleb (left) {which i will now admit was our elementary school crush that we FOUGHT over everyday... and when i say fought, i mean we played soccer against the boys, and whoever lost had to say who they liked... pretty sure he switched off between me and Cait every time the boys won... HA!}

i miss elementary school.. the good old days

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