Sunday, April 15, 2012

sunday memory!

awwww look at us. so cute and little! this is in 2004. i am 9 years old, and Malia is 7. 

all of our growing up years, for as long as we have lived, we have shared a room, and at some points {as you can see} a bed. this was the time we had just moved from bunk bed, to twin bed - and also moved from the upstairs bedroom, to our newly remodeled basement. 

sharing a bed with Malia.... i mean, i don't want to be rude, but, IT WAS DEATH. {death i tell you!} okay, that is definitely an exaggeration, but seriously, that women kicks more than anyone i know. at one point i had to put tape down the middle of our mattress and shove her off my side if she crossed the line. let's just say, we are now in separate beds.

anyways, here we are, {me in my skanky lil' nightgown (still cute though of course)} probably about to go to sleep, and my parents snap some pictures of us. and that is probably why we are covering our eyes... {Malia mostly} also, don't ask me why Malia doesn't have a pillow. guess she's the unloved one of the fam... im kiddin i love her!

by the way, check out that rockin' CD player. {the one that is pretty much bigger than both of us combined} that huge thing was our best friend in the good old days :)

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