Thursday, June 7, 2012

10 things

1.  I CAN'T WAIT ANY LONGER FOR MY COUSIN TO GET HERE. this not only deserves to be #1, but it deserves to be bolded and huge. THAT's how excited i am people.
2.  i have worked double hours this week than i normally do. that is both good and bad... good because i want need the money. and bad because it's happening next week too. which isn't entirely bad, im just tired as heck. **be sure to check out THIS post!**
3.  i talked with Briana {my cousin} for 14 minutes on the phone yesterday. 25 days and she'll be here and HOLY COW I CAN'T WAIT
4.  these pictures were taken on the way to Pizza Factory on my 17th birthday. that was a very good day
5.  i just ordered 2 swimsuits and they should be here in a week. you are looking at one happy girl :)
6.  today i am going to 7Peaks {again} and i am also going tomorrow with Malia! it's hot, it's summer, and it's my day{'s} off. what can i say? i wanna lay out duh!
7.  Malia and i are also getting massages tomorrow. we both got passes to go get them for our birthday's and i am dying of excitement over here! my back and neck are screaming for a massage
8.  i've been noticing it has been harder to get to the gym now that summer is here. which i really didn't think would be the case because hey, i have more free time. but since i always sleep in now, and i work, plus i have to throw in my social/friend time, it's now a constant battle of whether or not i should go to the gym. i still go, i just can't stay as long. which i hate. MAN this is tough. friends, work, gym time, or sleep time? sheesh
9.  Meg just left for Costa Rica today. and my cousins left for Disneyland on Monday. im wicked jealous of all these awesome vacations i could be on
10.  it looks like i have a lazy eye in these pictures. WHY. why why why do i always struggle with that when i smile. ridiculous

happy Thursday!

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