Monday, June 4, 2012

some of the first days of summer

graduation! saying goodbye to the seniors really makes me sad. i will really miss them next year! can't believe that i am old enough to be a senior next year it's honestly crazy! it makes me upset cause i really enjoy having a class that is older than me! but, oh well next year is going to be crazyyyyy fun :)

i headed to work, then after work meg picked me up and we went to the end of year dance in the Bruin Bowl! SUCH a fun dance! seriously i don't think i've ever gone so crazy. ever.

Meg, Edgar, Hannah, Jos, Emma and i went to Utah Lake ((for my first time! i know. lived in Utah my whole life, yet never even been to the lake that's a mile away))

i went to the gym with Cait in the morning, then went to work at 2! i got off at 7, picked up my brother from Lehi Trafalga, then went and got some snowies with Jos! we just happened to run into basically everyone ((Edgar, Chris, Josh, etc. + Cait and Austin)) at the snowie shack which Hannah also happened to be working at!

blah, blah, blah, we ended up doing a lot of driving around going to people's houses! ((and Chris throwing up Kool-Aid)) that night and Jos and i also had a sleepover at her house!

woke up and headed home, then hung out with my little cousins ((and played mommy!))

after babysitting for a little bit i went tubing down Provo River with my friends! i have never tried this before, and i was a little hesitant, but it was so much fun. im definitely doing it again!

i got cleaned up ((leaving my swimsuit on and throwing on a romper... so i dont really think that counts as cleaning up!)) and headed to a dance party at Vivint, which was very..... well, just not very many people were there so it started out boring, but we made it fun! bathroom pics? sure

 Hannah, Meg, and i also had a sleepover at Megs that night! 

we woke up and headed to peaks! 7 Peaks was packed that day, and although it was a bit cloudy, it was still 90 degrees and very fun! we actually went just so we could lay out.... which sometimes i think is way better than waiting in wicked long lines for slides! i'll probably be there layin' out all summer long

we got some snowies ((from the HUGE snowie place. which i love)) on the way home! when i got home i showered and headed to a family party at my grandmas house! it was hello & goodbye to my cousins who live in Colorado. they drove by and are headed down to California for a trip to Disneyland! ((I AM SO JEALOUS)) Kaden has always been my bestest little friend ((or as some people like to refer to him as my boyfriend!)) and it was so awesome to see him again. i'm going to miss him!

 my grandparents are cuter then your grandparents. just sayin' 
((no but seriously.... they are. if you met them you would think so too. i promise!))

a bunch of friends and i also made a fire down at Utah Lake ((i like to call it.... the beach)) that night! Taylor swam in the lake for 20 bucks... which was interesting. and Branson made some dumb but hilarious jokes ((what's new.)) thanks to Tyler for making the fire, and Meg for bringing things for smore's! it was a heck of a night i tell ya!

and as for today, well, it's been a great day to say the least :) church was wonderful, family time, even better. ((more on today later!)) and now i am off to sleep on my trampoline along with my siblings. crossing my fingers i don't get eaten by a million mosquito's!

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