Sunday, June 10, 2012

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riding the full moon ski lift with Tyler on Monday night! this only happens about once a month so we took advantage of the full moon and drove up to Sundance to ride the ski lift! it was beautiful weather and we were the last ones on the lift so we got on for free. i almost knocked Tyler's tooth out with the bar, but he survived :) just kidding, i felt awful about it! but really, it was so much fun!

Meggie and i got our nails done on Wednesday morning! they are shellac, so thankfully they stay on for about 3 weeks! the neon is so cute. i'm definitely a fan of these cute things

after going to 7Peaks for about 3 hours and laying out, getting snowies, AND going to the gym, Cait + Hannah + i decided to get some sandwichs at Firehouse Subs. i was hesitant because i knew most of them would have meat, but they had a 'vegetarian' one and MAN it was good!
Marcus and his HUGE muscles at church. what a cute brother i have

and here we have my 2 gorgeous little sisters. i love them
summer has been fan-freakin-tastic and i am definitely loving every minute. yesterday was summerfest and even though it was super windy, it was so much fun. this week i have more work but i'm getting excited to re-do my bedroom with Malia {we just got new comforters!} which we will also be doing this week! i'll be back soon!

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