Wednesday, November 7, 2012

10 random pictures + my thoughts

 *for lack of a better title.... here are some random pictures that i never got around to posting!*

Malia and i were starving after working 5 hours on Saturday, and decided to pick up some Zupas. our all time fav is the Mango Berry Salad. mmmmm so good. after that we enjoyed shopping!

 about 3 weeks ago now, Jared took me on a date to Cornbellys! we went in all of the haunted mazes + houses. and lets just say i am so glad he was there... i am a scareeed-eee-cat. he planned out the most perfect date and it was honestly one of the most fun dates i have ever been on! there were about 7 other couples there... and we had such a great time :)

 so, the next weekend i went on a date with Tyler (hey, that's what high school is for... right?) he took me to the Sundance full moon ski lift! it was FREEZING (thank heavens for blankets) but we had so much fun :) Branson and his date Maddie also joined us! and after, we devoured some hot cocoa! marshmallow flavor if i might add.

 the Hortons are a bit busy (not even just right now... we're just ALWAYS busy.) we all have different schedules and none of them match too well. so even though Quincey's birthday isn't until saturday, we decided to celebrate Monday night for FHE! 

for dinner, Quincey chose Brick Oven! one of our family favorites :)

after chowing down a bunch of delicious pizza + pasta + really delicious root beer that breaks our healthy eating... we decided to go bowling!

pretty random picture i'd say! but hey. they had to be posted somehow

the results of the election surely were sad to me, and even though i was predicting Obama to win, deep down i had hope that Romney would win because of how close it really was. not a fan of electoral collage voting system, and knowing Romney won the popular vote... KILLS ME. really wish Romney would have won, but here's to another 4 years with President Obama. Obama, sir, i really hope you can do a heck of a lot better job this 4 years than the last 4 :) but, i'm really happy for a well functioning government and a country that i am free in! so i really can't complain!

and now that i have given my political rant. 

have a happy Wednesday everyone! i should probably go to school now...

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