Sunday, November 4, 2012

sunday memory!

 6 years ago on Saturday, this little cutie was welcomed into the Horton family.

Quincey was born on November 10, 2006. she turns 6 years old on Saturday, and we love her just as much as we did when she was born! she was such a cute little baby :)

Quincey was born late one weekend night, and i remember playing with freinds, and all the sudden my mom had left to the hospital! Quincey was born shortly after that (like literally, maybe an hour after) so the kids and i were able to go see her! well, all of us except little Kylie, who was already sleeping :) luckily we loved seeing baby Quince so much that we went the next day as well! of course :)

 we love you Quincey! :) can't wait to celebrate your 6th birthday on Saturday!

speaking of Saturday, Sadie's is this Saturday. which should be REAL interesting considering my group has not really planned anything yet. we've had like 10 meetings and don't really have anything decided yet, so it should be an interesting date/dance :)

happy sunday!

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