Wednesday, March 27, 2013

best friend weekend

hello hello! it is almost Wednesday {aka: blogging at 11:30 on a Tuesday night} and i thought i would share the adventures Nan and i had this weekend! it was SO FUN while it lasted. and not a minute went wasted :)

friday started off with Alexis' wedding dress fitting that we went to, then lunch at Cafe Fresh. i had to go to MATC, and Alexis had work, so Briana hung out with mom and Quince. later, we had nothing better to do, so went and explored BYU campus. we got reallyyyyyyy excited for next year!

my aunt Kelly went through the temple that night, so mom + dad {and some other aunts//uncles} attended, so we babysat the kids. we endured those 3 hours then visited grandma + grandpa with Tanner and Alexis. THEN we had an in-n-out run at midnight, which was delish.

Briana had her BYU cheer clinic until noon, {which went well. in case you wanted to know :) she's amazing!} then Zupas for lunch. we headed up to City Creek in SLC to do a little shopping. Me, Mia, Nan, Alexis, and Tanner. 
 ^^^ we made Tanner take the pictures ;)

dinner at a new restaurant we discovered, Blue Lemon, which was to DIE FOR. {ahhhhmazing.} and we finished off the night with a 10:00 showing of Safe Haven. a new favorite

our last day. church took up majority of the day, then dinner with the fam. my fam is a hoot i tell ya ;)

and farewell! for 13 days. until i see you again :)

won't be long until we don't even have to say goodbye at all!

i love this lady.

hope your weekend was amazing too! annnnndddd it's midnight. so, happy wednesday!


  1. Yeah buddy! BYU is a blast! Where are you staying?