Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter with the Horton fam

to kick off the Easter holiday, last night we decorated//colored 3 dozen eggs! dying and dying until each one is creatively colorful and fun. we use rubber bands, stickers, a white crayon, etc. and we do it every year :)

this morning we discovered that the the Easter bunny did, in fact, visit the Horton home. gathered our baskets, met in mom + dad's room, and headed out to gather all the candy

our tradition, that i talked about last year, is gathering ALL the candy, pouring it out, and sorting it by color and style. we are perfectionists. and everything must be exact. this usually takes us about an hour, just to line up all the candy. but it is our FAVORITE part.

^^^ the loot. and now, the sorting begins!

all of our hard work and dedication. proud kids

and then, it ends up in our baskets. perfect, huh??

Easter is one of our favorite holidays because of our fun traditions we do every year! mom also makes french toast. which we love. she also spoils us with new Easter clothes. she is kind of the best :)

*** i also love Easter because of the special memory of our Savior. he died for us and was risen on this day. i love that we can be reminded of that on this day, and celebrate it. i actually get really excited every year that i can go learn more about what the atonement + resurrection each year for Easter.

happy Easter everyone! hope yours is amazing too

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