Monday, May 6, 2013


finally taken, and finally edited. thank you to the amazing Ashley Shippen for taking these for me! she is amazing. i couldn't thank her enough when she did THESE for me; and once i remembered that photoshoot, i knew i wanted her to do my seniors as well

well, i guess when you get your senior pictures taken you are supposed to make some sort of big announcement about graduating

graduating from
Mountain View High School on May 30, 2013 // MATC on May 16, 2013

^^^ at least that is what will go on my announcements!

i can't believe ill also be 18 in 3 weeks.
it's crazy, it's weird, and life is moving quick. it is definitely thrilling


  1. These are great Keena, but I did not agree to you growing up so fast!

  2. So cute Keena!! Love your graduation pictures! :)

  3. Ashley's so talented. And congratulations on graduating. You're beautiful!


  4. congrats girl! you look beautiful! so glad found your blog! xox