Sunday, May 5, 2013

long time, no see

hello! sorry i have been MIA. today i realized i haven't blogged in a week, {or even since the start of May!} so i thought i'd jump on and say hello ♥

there hasn't been much going on, just the usual. getting ready for graduation {15 school days. FIFTEEN. it makes me sick} at school and graduation from MATC. been studying for all my finals lots, + hanging out with friends and family and enjoying every minute.

been hanging out with Tyler lots. of course. and with Mia and Alex. i have also been working lots, and i also put in my 2 weeks at both jobs. i will be gone the whole month of June {on vacations!}, and since i have tailbone surgery in July i can't work. which means - a poor, non working summer for miss keena.

that's basically all that's been going on! i'll be back soon posting senior pictures; promise!

happy Sunday! oh, and happy cinco de mayyyoooooooo everyone! {we celebrated ours with homemade churros. HELLO}

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