Tuesday, May 21, 2013

the dentist today. another surgery

^^^ me in the dentist chair. i hate that chair.

it's sad to see how long these surgeries have gone on. who knew having 2 missing teeth would be so frustrating and annoying? who knew it would be such a process to put 2 teeth in my mouth.

like i mentioned HERE, the process takes 3 separate surgeries that have to be at least 6 months apart. the first surgery i had done April 2012, and the second i had done January 2013.

i knew this last one was coming, but i didn't exactly know it would be today. i left school at lunch and headed to the office at 1. they called this a 'follow up' so mom and i were both shocked to see that i'd have the last surgery today.

i didn't get put under, however, like i have for the other 2; so that was nice. but i think i would have rather been put out, because instead i just got a dozen painful shots. blechhhhhhhhhh. next up, the teeth being FINALLY PUT IN. luckily the screws are in, so all they have to do is screw in the teeth!

thank heavens the worst is over! say hello to fluids for the next few days i suppose. {i better get REAL FOOD on my birthday!!!} xo

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