Thursday, May 23, 2013

tomorrow i will be an adult. AN ADULT!

^^^ my bestie/sister and i. just being cute on the sabbath a few weeks ago

how crazy is that? an adult. i know it's just a year difference, but it's weird to think that now im actually considered to be grown up. i will miss being a kid! a little innocent kid. i think that's what i'll miss the very most, is being referred to as a kid..... guess i will KISS THE KID YEARS GOODBYE!

17 has been good to me. i have made new friends, kissed some boys, taken some vacations, had my senior year of high school, been to Disneyland {twice! here, here,} earned my YW medallion, experienced being a vegetarian, taken *LOTS* of medical classes, taken an MATC course + awarded my CNA, *almost* graduated high school {1 week!}, graduated seminary, discovered true friends, and even found myself a boyfriend.

i'd say i have had an awesome year as a 17 year old girl.

i'm looking forward to the future, though. i can't wait to see what it has to offer! i can't wait to be old enough to make decisions for myself, and see what 18 brings me.

18, i can't wait to see ya.
i can't WAIT to see what tomorrow has in store ♥

see ya later 17, it's been real.


  1. Aww, hope you're having an amazing birthday!

  2. 18 huh? happy birthday cute girl!
    just found your cute blog and followed <3

    i hope you have the best :)

    The DayLee Journal

  3. Happy birthday!! I so remember the feelings of 'saying goodbye' to being a kid. But good news, the older people in your life will refer to you as a kid for a long time to come! :P 18 was a majorly growing up year for me, I remember, I started the year off single, never having had a boyfriend, not thinking about having one, and ended it engaged and planning a wedding. Crazy. :P

  4. Your completely adorable love you blog <3

    <--Hailey Cheyanne-->